About Alva!

Alva Sachs

Horace Warpole, an English author, "coined" the word serendipity in 1754. Mr. Warpole seemed to have formed the word from a "silly fairy tale," called "The Three Princes of Serendip." This word that Warpole formed originally came from an old name for Sri Lanka. He likened "serendipity" to discoveries, accidents or quests not planned for, that occurred with good fortune to follow.

My life has been one "serendipity" after another!

I was born and raised in the "Windy City," Chicago. I moved around quite a bit with my family over the years when I was younger. I always loved going to school, making friends, doing homework, and reading Archie comic books with my sister, Bonny. I landed back in the Chicago area and graduated from the University of Illinois in Champaign/Urbana with a Bachelor of Science degree in elementary education, however I never intentionally wanted to be a teacher! I say, "Serendipity!"

It was the most exciting and rewarding "accident" that I had ever had. After teaching for 16 years and continuing on with my education, I received a Master of Education degree from Northern Illinois University and kept enjoying all the children who entered my classroom over the years.

Meeting my husband, Paul, and having my three children are all part of my serendipity experiences. I am such a lucky girl!

We know things often occur in "3's."

"Serendipity,” visits me once more. This time at a community pumpkin festival where Patricia Krebs and Marcie Gilbert are too! The three of us team up to create our first book, Circus Fever. Patricia and I continue to collaborate and share in the creation of our award-winning books. These include Circus Fever, On Your Mark, Get, Set, Go!, I’m 5, Dear Master Dragon, Dancing Dreidels and The Pirate Princess. All award-winning children picture books full of creativity, adventure, and fun! Did I say surprises too?

I hope that "serendipity" comes your way. It is that breath of fresh air that knocks you off your feet, catches you off guard, puts a smile on your face and lets you know, that you never really do know what IS around the corner

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