Tips for Parents!

• Foster the love for reading at an early age.
• Try to select age appropriate books by content, pictures, and length.
• By making reading a regular routine you can plan time for reading.
• Children need a variety of materials to read: books, children’s magazines, Sunday comics, newspapers, and maps to help plan family trips.
• Do plan outings to the library; stay to read there, get your child their very own library card, check out special exhibits, programs or author events.
• Everywhere you look there is an opportunity for writing and reading:
for information, for pleasure and entertainment
recipes for cooking
reading menus at restaurants
write grocery lists, notes for shopping adventures, letters to family and friends
to assemble toys, games, and puzzles
• Family reading works when you model reading together either silently or aloud.
• Give your child time to play outside, participate in music, dance, art, sports, television and reading.
• Investigate subscriptions to children’s books or magazines that are age appropriate. They are reasonably priced and provide wonderful reading all year long and make great birthday presents or gifts. Kids look forward for the next book or issue to come in the mail, just for them!
• Jump into family game night!
• Keep a craft box with paper, crayons, and markers. Have your children create their own greeting cards, stories, or poems. If they are too young to write, you can scribe their "words" for them.
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